Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello Fall

Hello Fall,
By the ways and wonders of the Universe,
you will be here each year, 
smacked between the dog days of summer
and the first frost of winter, and yet...
every time 
I am just pleased as punch for your return.
Welcome back.
Bring on the apple cider and flannels!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Open Letter to Fall Television

Dear Fall TV Line-up,
It's really good to have you back.
My DVR has purpose, once again.
I've missed your familiar laugh tracks
and suspense-building dramatic pauses.
Old shows, good to see you again.
New shows, pressure's on.
Couch, let's try to work in some
 leg lifts during commercial breaks.

Moody Tuesday

Do you ever have one of those days
when everything seems to be
all jumbled and jambled
and everyone you speak to sounds like
the adult voices in Charlie Brown cartoons?
I mean, for goodness sakes!
I'm just trying to figure some things out for myself.
I'm trying to suppress the urge to act too spontaneously,
when all I really want to go is point a finger on the map,
 and pack a duffel bag of dreams.
And escape every annoyance that Tuesday brought on.
I'm trying to be so patient
- a virtue I struggle with-
waiting to learn the status of so many elements,
both professional and personal.
But... c'mon.
When did everybody get so caught up in their own stuff?
When did we stop asking one another,
'How are you?'
And when did we last pause to really listen to the response?
We can do better than this, friends.
I'll keep the faith.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yeeehaw! Mendocino County Fair

I'm heading up the coast to Medocino this weekend with friends.
To taste wine and take in the Northern exposure?
We're heading to Boonville to the County Fair!
I liiiiiive for honky tonk like this.
Scheduled activities I'm looking forward to most:
11:00am Jr. Pygmy Goat Show
3:00pm Jr. Swine Show- Lamb Palace
6:00pm Fables of the West

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Dwindling Twinkle

As my plane was descending down
into the greater New York area this past Thursday night,
I was struck by how beautiful all the glimmering lights of Queens looked from above.
The grid of gold and white lights of the borough looked like little diamonds from the sky.
'Reverse sky,' I thought to myself.
And as I sat waiting for my flight to board on Sunday,
catching up on some reading,
I learned that by the year 2020, only 10% of the US population
will have a view of the night sky- due to light pollution.
The same lights that looked so regal from 10,000 feet above,
will cause the constellations to vanish from the naked eye.
Thank goodness for the Windmill Factory.
Illuminating the issue at Pier 49 with solar- powered LEDs,
which mimic the patterns of our starry skies.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lady Libs

Stand tall and proud Lady Liberty.
The light of your torch shines bright this weekend,
and always....
image is my own, taken from my dad's office 
Wishing love and peace,
from sea to shining sea.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thoughts on Flowers...

My older sister freelances in a field
that bestows, what I imagine is, a very special
and intimate sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.
She works with flowers and  in turn,
is indirectly involved in the sweetest of sentiments
on wedding days, birthdays, and promotions.
Almost always we associate flowers with the happiest of go lucky occasions.
But, I forget that, with sympathy, comes flowers too.
And my heart beats a little bluer for her because,
it must weigh heavily on her thorn scratched fingers,
to make arrangements for the greyest of days.
Thinking of you...