Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Think Mink

Me thinksy I need this minksy.

image via Mrs. Lilien and Kate Spade
It's faux!
With a bow!
Too cute.

Secret Movie Premiere

I'm a sucker for any marketing gimmick,
(which is somewhat ironic considering I'm a publicist)
but last night instincts didn't fail me.  
Like puddy in Paramount's hands, 
my friend and I took our chances and rsvp'ed
 to a secret movie premiere at the Kabuki theater in San Francisco.
We didn't know what the movie would be, only that it was being released later this year
and that the director, along with an award winning actor
would be on-site to answer questions after the viewing.
I was convinced halfway through our Sapporo beers as we waited to gain entrance
that we were going to be forced to watch silent Japanese porn,
but luckily I was proved wrong.
Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody decided to skip the festival circuit and instead,
premiere their newest collaboration secretly,  in five cities across the country.
A little actress named Charlize Theron joined them.
The movie was Young Adult- set to release this December.
I fully endorse it.
And not just because I have an
 unexplainable crush on Jason Reitman after all of this.
It's dark.
And just as depressing as I found Up in the Air to be.
Jason and Diablo said it best: if we came expecting Juno
we would be in for a rude awakening.
It's smart and dark, and has moments of hilarity.
I pretty much had second hand embarrassment throughout the entire movie.
And we all got exclusive to our city movie posters for taking a chance on the secret premiere
Oh, and Charlize Theron is suuuuper skinny in person.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


It's funny how fast a week can go by,
when it's just you,
and the world,
and a whole lotta declarations to self:
(while staring in the mirror)
"The world is my oyster! Curiosity is my compass!"
My goal during this week off was simple: self-indulge.
And boy, did I ever.
I'm nearly a pauper now... but I don't regret a single spend.
That's the best kind of indulging, don'tcha think?
I spent a day poolside: just me, my book, and the eucalyptus trees.
I met a friend in the'burbs and we got our toes sandy on the beach.
I primped, and I pampered,
and I took myself out for long walks and fresh air.
And, what's a week spent self-reflecting, without a couple of lessons learned?
Don't worry.
There were some of those too.
I got my ego bruised... just a smidge.
But, ya' pick yourself up, dust yourself off,
eat some ice cream and get on with it!
Yep. I got pretty accustomed to my stay-at-home days...
but I learned that a taste of the sweet life
is a whole heck of a lot sweeter when you know
your coin purse will be filled again soon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

R & R

I've been quite busy.
Dreaming the days away
and watching the sun sink into the bay.
I've been hiking the hills and watching navy pilots fly.
Petting piglets and pygmy goats, and anticipating true love.
image is my own
And while the nights are getting cooler back east,
and leaves are turning green to gold,
our Indian summer in San Francisco lingers on.
So, I ask you to pardon my pause.
It's time for a little R & R.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fresh Start

The beginning of autumn and the new lunar year blessed me with a fresh start.
Last week, I was reading about Rosh Hashanah,
and how we have to channel the positive energy
we want to manifest in the new year,
through our calculated thoughts and actions
on the days leading up to this renewal.
image is my own 
And it was during these few days that all my long awaited
hoping and hunting reached the pinnacle.
With equal measures of patience and persistence,
I received a new job offer.
I'm eager to start anew.
I have been aching to roll up my sleeves
and get to work.