Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving in New England

and with assistance from the helpful hands of family, 
I created my very own Thanksgiving pie topper.
Isn't it sweet?
 My mom water colored the birds,
and her printer's eye helped me with the spacing of the alphabet lettering.
Dad carefully assisted with affixing the birds and ribbon to the skewers.
It's so simple, but so special.
There is such satisfaction in the process of creating.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Whiskey and Gold

Go, west young friend.
California's full of women, whiskey and gold.
Well, that's what the country songs say,
but whatever it may be, the winds of the west 
whispered in my ear and yanked at my heart.
And so, it was a year and a half ago I came out to Northern California
for equal parts adventure and comfort.
The new kind of comfort you only feel 
when you're very far from the actual comforts of home. 
I love my San Francisco life. 
But...there aren't many days that go by when I don't think about 'back east.' 
As I pack up my suitcase for my holiday travels home tomorrow,
I already know almost exactly how each and everyday will unfold. 
That's the actual, familiar comfort.
A friend of mine here in San Francisco told me today:
"Safe travels and enjoy every moment. 
Home misses you...but San Francisco deserves you." 
Well said, sweet friend. 

Be Thankful

This Thanksgiving,
I am so humbled
and grateful,
to count the bounty of my blessings.
I will take care to remember and to remind others:
Speak kindly, 
and chose words with the purest intent.
May your bellies be filled, 
but your hearts be even fuller.
Be thankful.
Be thankful.
Be thankful,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Because

I love sending mail as much as I like getting it.
All these budget cuts with the postal service sure are making me blue.
Send me a love letter,
or a note, just because.
No matter the weight of the sentiment,
all letters provide me with equal delight.
 This is kind of embarrassing, but...
 I keep one piece of junk mail in my mailbox,
just because I like knowing there's always a letter sitting in there.
I came home from work to a really good one tonight, from my sister.
Just because.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

It's a quintessential fall day in San Francisco.
We turned the calendar to November,
and just as quickly as she came, 
we waved goodbye to our Indian Summer.
There is a crisp chill in the air,
despite the unfiltered sunlight stretching down to earth.
It's they kind of Sunday morning you see in the movies.
Dads with their daughters out for bagels and bacon.
Empty nesters, pepper the sidewalk seating, newspaper and coffee in hand.
Owners with their dogs, letting the morning sun warm their faces,
despite their fleeces.
This Sunday, I rose with the sun.
After a cozy night home as rain pelted the sidewalk,
I felt well-rested and eager to great the day. 
And although the saying goes the way of another geographic location,
today, I left my heart in New York City.
(Image unknown)
It's Marathon Sunday.
It's a great day, in a great city
and some of the 'greats' of my life 
just so happen to be running through the boroughs of the Big Apple.
Did you know that the Verrazano Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the US?
(The Golden Gate bridge is the second longest.)
Oh, the energy in New York this Sunday is pulsing through the pavement! 
I wish I could be there to witness it all.
But here I am, for a second year, 
cheering on the other side.
Be fleet of feet, dear friends!