Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Book for Christmas

Since I'm not being gifted with rural farm life any time soon,
and days spent chasing chickens 
and baking pies will just have to wait...
I'll hope I get this book for Christmas to keep me inspired.
One day I'll have that change of pace
among amber waves of grain.
Until then... 
Happy reading!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Golden December

Sharing a December beach scene from 
Northern California's coastline this weekend. 
image is my own
And as the sun kissed the sky goodbye
and sunk into the ocean, 
the fire quickened it's flicker
and the stars began to dance...
Here's to more golden days and star-filled nights, friends.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mini Donk and Three Lil Pocos

I can barely handle this picture.
It is an adorable overload and an abundance of cuteness!!!!
What. The. Heck.
Mini donks and three little pink feathered Pocahontas princesses?
Give me a break!!!  
It's straight up awesome with a side of heehaaaw.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Living in a Snow Globe

Last week, I had declared that standing at the top of Lyon Street Stairs,
and peering out over this beautiful city, all lit up and stretching to the bay,
was equivalent to looking into a snow globe. 
All the city lights twinkled below me as I stood atop of the city,
steadying my breath and seeing it's condensation mix with the cold air of the night. 
I have started on a new workout routine,
which is proving to condition my spirit as much as it is the body.
It is as much a mental challenge as it is physical.
Last week, after my session ended, 
I opted to walk home in the cool, dark of the night.
image unknown
It was a slower stroll, as I walked down from what felt like my perch  on the top of the city. 
Walking the city at night is one of my simplest and purest pleasures.
It is so peaceful, my walk of silent solitude. 
I steal glimpses into windows,
exchange smiles with  dog owners out on a brisk evening stroll. 
There is a softer glow cast onto the sidewalks in the evening.
It's well after dinner, but not quite time for slumber,
and the type of light softly spilling out from windows and into the street
reflects this phase of the night.
Everyone is settled into their places, calm and rested.
And I realize, it still feels like a snow globe, even on street level.
 as the swirls of snow and glitter come to stop, so does the frenzy of the day.
Happy snow globing, friends.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Settling Waters

Let the waters settle. 
You will see stars and moon mirrored in your being.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

This was a weekend of highs and lows.
Sometimes that happens, I'm old enough to know.
I'm lucky enough that the good outshined the not so good- by a landslide.
I pulled a cable car for a cause,
and felt the spirit of the city pulsing through my veins with each tug on the rope. 
I picnicked with friends in Golden Gate Park,
and let the December sunshine warm my back.
Sunday brought the grandest adventure of all.
We fled the city and embarked on the great Christmas Tree Hunt.
Tree strapped to the roof of the car, 
we left the farm and journeyed to the grand finale of the day,
 wine tasting high in the rolling hills of the 'burbs. 
When I spoke with my dad to recap the weekend,
he challenged me to just relay the 'highs.' 
And when I see them here on the screen, 
I appreciate the exercise he had me do.
The weekend ended with a lighter heart,
and that makes all the difference.