Monday, December 5, 2011

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

This was a weekend of highs and lows.
Sometimes that happens, I'm old enough to know.
I'm lucky enough that the good outshined the not so good- by a landslide.
I pulled a cable car for a cause,
and felt the spirit of the city pulsing through my veins with each tug on the rope. 
I picnicked with friends in Golden Gate Park,
and let the December sunshine warm my back.
Sunday brought the grandest adventure of all.
We fled the city and embarked on the great Christmas Tree Hunt.
Tree strapped to the roof of the car, 
we left the farm and journeyed to the grand finale of the day,
 wine tasting high in the rolling hills of the 'burbs. 
When I spoke with my dad to recap the weekend,
he challenged me to just relay the 'highs.' 
And when I see them here on the screen, 
I appreciate the exercise he had me do.
The weekend ended with a lighter heart,
and that makes all the difference.

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