Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello, January

Holy smokes, folks! 
It's been a while, I realize that. 
Are you settling into this new year comfortably?
I hope so. 
November and December were quitethe grand finale
of our year gone by.
I ushered in 2012 guns a' blazing.
And although I didn't say my final goodbye to 2011 quietly, 
I released the past with a respectful tip of my hat.
My weeks back east were the perfect balance of calm and chaos.
image is my own
Of late nights spent laughing with old friends,
and meals shared at home by candlelight.
Of donkey neighing and hawk sightings, nature walks and old high school track runs.
The perfect storm of past meets present.
Oh, but it's true. I love a new year. 
New pledges and promises.
 There's something so romantic about writing out our resolutions.
And I quite like qualifying my traditions.
 So far, the freshness of January is proving to be most agreeable.
I hope the same rings true for all of you! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Beginnings, and a Pause

I'm taking a pause,
to collect my thoughts
and embrace the new beginnings 
of a fresh year. 
Back soon.
Happy New Year, friends.