Monday, April 16, 2012

The Checklist I Didn't Know I Had

This May, at month's end,
marks two years I've been out west.
 And you really wouldn't believe all the adventures I've had.
All the things that I've seen, and all the things that I've done,
that I know may seem just plain old ordinary to most people,
but you see,
to me- they've been extraordinary.
I buckled my feet into skis,
and I ran my first race.
I shucked oysters, pulled fresh from the bay.
I filled weekends hiking longer and farther then my legs knew they could climb.
I was accepted as a member to a board which supports an incredible cause.
I sniffed and I swirled and I tasted wine fit for a king.
I have stopped and seen seals bobbing up and down in the bay.
image is my own
 I witnessed whales gliding majestically through the pacific.
I've met interesting people and devoted friends. 
I allowed my heart to guide the way, 
and, er, in one instance, my head may have been too far in the clouds.
I have felt scared, and anxious and sometimes lonely. 
But... Ive also experienced joy, and pride 
and the overwhelming sensation of pure satisfaction,
for a job well done
for a fear conquered
for turning disbelief into reality
for challenging my mind and pushing my body
for making the smallest 
and simplest pleasures 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sherbet Sunrises

I had a day that left me wishing-
nope- pining for a getaway.
Tedious projects; impossible deadlines.
Conversations that inspired a lot of wincing,
followed by a lot of eye rolling.
I want to dig my painted toes into the sand
and splash salt water on my cheeks.
I want to dance under a low, heavy hanging pink moon,
 and wake up to a sherbet splashed sunrise.
I want to spend my days collecting shells,
 and smelling like coconut.
I'd like to link hands with handsome man,
and hum along to a steel drum band.
I'd like to eat fruit that I pluck, straight from a tree,
and braid my hair with a hibiscus tucked behind my ear.
I want to go to bed counting the freckles on my nose, 
and the fish in the ocean,
and the stars in the sky. 
Instead, I laid my head in my hands 
and shook my mind back to now.
It was a long day.
 A day that is strung into a series of long weeks.
Here's to sweet dreams 
and sunny shorelines... 

Friday, April 6, 2012


It's a double header this weekend! 
Happy Passover.
Happy Easter.
Happy Weekend.
Wishing family and friends 
from coast to coast,
and corner to corner,
a wonderful spring weekend.
Here's to new beginnings! 

Monday, April 2, 2012