Monday, January 14, 2013

On Resolutions

It’s been a while since I shared a tale or two. 
My, how quickly the back half of the year seemed to go.

In an instant, confetti and noise makers signaled a New Year.   
And just like that, we were all granted the chance at a do-over. 
There is something methodical and calming about listing out the actions we pledge to carry out. 
Those that will make us, maybe, a little bit kinder, or a little bit stronger.
 And while some of my resolutions are only for me, too delicate and special to share,  below are a handful of behaviors I would like to enhance in 2013.   
Here’s to continuing to do the things that you give you pleasure with the people that bring you joy.

Happy New Year, my friends.

Speak soon.

image is my own; New Year's Day sunrise
  • To drink more green and to read more books.
  • To write more letters. And, when asking how someone is feeling, really listen to their answer.
  • To recommit to cooking my meals and understanding where the foods I nourish my body with come from.
  • To plan at least one epic and awesome adventure this year. Anyone for rafting the Colorado?
  • To be mindful that skipping on some ‘spends’ so that I can contribute to a rainy day fund will be the best investment in myself that I make.
  • To remember the feeling I have when I run. The fresh, cold air against my face, and how my legs feel strong and my heart feels fierce. To remember that feeling often, and to act on it.
  • To be aware of the people around me, and when they might need a gentle nudge, a nurturing hug, or a celebratory high-five.    

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