Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If I Had My Life to Live Over...

I am long overdue to give some attention to Big Moon.
It's been quite busy in my world as of late.
With what - I couldn't tell you. 
It's been this and that, and hither and thither,
 and it seems lately, that any time I sit down to put thoughts to paper, well...
I'd just assume go for a run or curl up on the couch, or get laundry done instead. 
Wild times here in my world, I know. 
Simple is good. Routine is comforting. 
But goodness.
I am feeling the itch for a big adventure.
A challenge for both body and spirit. 
I leave you with wise thoughts from Nadine Star.
Here's to swimming more rivers, and eating more ice cream. 
Speak soon, friends.
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