Thursday, August 15, 2013

... To Make Everything Okay Again

When I was little and something was troubling me,
I would seek comfort outside.
Our backyard borders a pretty big forest,
and although I wouldn't go far,
I'd walk far enough to feel the coolness of the shade
 and to find a soft cushion of moss upon which to sit.
When I felt that the quiet of the woods had calmed me,
I'd turn around and head back to the house.
Something happened this past week that rattled me, big time. 
It brought on a surge of emotion: panic, angst, confusion, sadness, guilt and regret.
It stirred up some nerves that I didn't even know were there, 
deep down,
 in the core of my core.
And then, as the uncertainty started to uncloud, 
and the unknown began to piece together into the known,
came relief, hope and gratitude. 
A lot of the initial nerves have dissolved,
in part because I know where I am heading.
It's off to the mountains I go.
To get a little distance from the week- in both miles and memory.
To surround myself with good friends and happy thoughts.
To fill my lungs with fresh air
and to let the sun and the stars and the sierras,
make everything okay again.

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