Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Word Drops

Last night we watched the sweetest short film.
It was centered around the theme of people 
entering and exiting our lives,
and how the abrupt shifts in those relationships
ultimately can become a catalyst for a bigger change.
It showcased the difficulty associated 
with someone you love leaving you;
be it platonic love, parental love, romantic love.
And it made me think.
And it made me feel.
And it made me cry.
Dean asked if it was a sad cry or a happy one, and I couldn't really tell.
I think it was a mixture of both.
I had been wanting to share an update on the blog for a while now –
but  each time I sat down to write
the words tasted stale and tinny in my mouth, 
like chewing on aluminum.
I'm not sure why.
And then last night we watched this little movie
and it made all the words floating around in my head
drip out of me in the form of salty tears.
It felt pretty good – to release those tears,
 the happy and the sad mixing together.
It was like I could see the words that were stuck in my head,
roll down my cheeks in liquid word drops: 
‘disappointed.’ ‘nostalgic.’ ‘comforted.’ ‘unsure.’ ‘loved.’
Sometimes you just need a little cry I guess.
Followed by a kiss on the forehead and the switch of a lamp.
Here’s to a gentle and happy Tuesday, friends.