Monday, August 24, 2015

A birthday note, to self

This next year, remember...
There will be days dripping in gold,
and others that are just okay,
and some that are pretty terrible.
Try not to be too scared when the ‘terribles’ come along.
Maintain a positive spirit and a kind heart.
Quiet the ill-intended.
Work through the insecurities.
Don’t let anyone mistake being kind, as being weak.
Take care of your body.
Find something that compels you, 
and dedicate time to learning more about it. 
Don’t be so grumpy about the crumbs around the apartment.
The causer of the crumbs makes you really, really happy.
Be someone who, when mentioned in conversation,
is described as good.
Call home. Call sisters. Send letters.
Let friends know you're thinking of them.
Be a #1 aunt.
Keep travelling. Keep adventuring.
Maybe figure out how to get a dog.
Do the best you can this year.
And have the very best time doing it.