Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Wong It's Right

And no, I can't take credit for the blog title.
Choreographer Tabitha thought up that gem during last night's SYTYCD .
 about this.
was right.
image from
I watched their performance twice in a row and both times my jaw sort of hung unhinged from my face.
I must have looked like Pepe Le Pew when that cutie Penelope Pussycat strolls by him and he does the cartoon triple head swivel. 
Good clean entertainment, folks.
Ku-DOS Alex and Twitch.
Time to brush up on my hip hop I suppose. 

Star Spangled Bunting

Nothing says 4th of July quite like bunting.
This patriotic drapery is especially dear to my New England heart.
Oooh, and the mussel shell wreath?
I've got sand and seashells and hot dogs and drippy ice cream on my mind, friends.
Perhaps I'll do an Independence Day countdown!
AND, an 'older sister comes to town' countdown.
OOOH I could light a sparkler right now just thinking about it!
*both photos found at this lovely blog


I can't stop sighing at my desk.
I'm pretty depressed about Federer's unexpected loss this morning in the quarterfinals.
I'm not kidding around.
I love everything he represents and everything he possesses.
Calm. Cool. Class.
He's gracious and eloquent,
and I think he is perhaps,
 the greatest athlete of our time.
He makes everything look so easy, effortless.
So, despite what Sport's Illustrated thinks,
I don't think it's the Fall of the King.
I think it's just going to take a little longer for him to pick up the coveted title of Grand Slam Winner.
Chin up, Rog.
*image from Sports

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Destination (Un)known

One of my best friends just sent me this adorable photo.
She must have snapped this during her wanderings about the Big Apple.
It's really quite charming isn't it?
I like the little stuffed animal hanging out among the pillows and sheets!
It reminded us both of Max and the sailboat that brought him to his wild romp with the Wild Things.

And of course, of our promise to be each other's sadness shields
whenever we are smacked with a pesky case of the blues.
Destination known or unknown,
wishing you all happy travels wherever the wind and sails take you today!

An Open Letter to Craig R. from The Bachelorette

Dear Craig R,
You're a guy after my own heart.
Little pudgy,
whole lotta goofy,
and clever with your words and wit.
You've got a good head on your shoulders,
and know how to make a girl laugh.

But hey look, let's call a spade a spade.
You're no Chris L. from Cape Cod.
He's gosh darn gorgeous.
And that's okay.
I'd still watch you olive oil wrestle,
or whatever those wacky Bachelor/Bachelorette producers come up with next season.
Shake it off, bud.
Shake. It. Off.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lake Houses on My Mind... among other things

I've got houses by the lake on my mind.
The puttering of boat engines on the water 
The familiar smell of charcoal warming up the grill  
The pop of a top on a beer can
boce tournaments on the lawn and cannonballs into the water
sun kissed skin and freckles on my nose
corn on the cob and ice cream dripping down my chin.
Good music and good company. 
The sights, smells, and sounds of summer.
I miss my New England Summer.
It's not until I think about it that I feel so far away.
I went for a jog
 -yes, you read that right-
and as I came around the curve at the top of the hill of Fort Mason Park,
and saw the 6 o'clock sun shimmering on the water of bay
the seagulls circling
the fishermen bringing in the last catch of the day
and the golden gates framing the mountains behind them,
I was overcome by emotion.
It was absolutely breathtaking and,
I began to cry.
There I stood, in my fleece,
in June.
But, I was so overjoyed to see
and hear
and smell
what my summer feels like.
*images of Thom Filicia's Lake House, source unknown

Squealing with Delight

This little guy is soooooo cute.
This, along with the toy otter and the Grand Teton Park sticker that my parents sent me today
are absolutely making my Monday more delightful.
He's smiling for goodness sakes.
I cannot take how dang adorable this piglet is.
found  here and here too!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'll Meet You There...

I've been tracking the Outstanding in the Field gang long before they gained the major momentum they seem to be experiencing now.
I can't remember where it was I first learned about their enchanting meals.
Have you ever seen anything so charming?
To be seated under the stars,
to dine at the foot of the mountain,
to sip wine among the sand dunes and have the leaves of a tree tickle your neck as you eat a beet.
Go ahead, I'll meet you there.
Farm to Table never rang so true.
Wishing you all yummy meals, with good company and a joyous setting.
*all photos found here

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Outside Lands

I think I might have to go to this outdoor music wonderland.
Seems pretty peachy, no?
I'll be sure to wear flowers in my hair
and dance with the breeze.
Who cares to join me, please?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slow Dance with a Wave

I stumbled across Clark Little's photography in my blog rounds
I think his work is so beautiful,
so magical,
that honestly,
I don't quite know what to do with myself.
Have you ever been stuck inside a wave before?
Time stops. Even though it's only a matter of moments, seconds- it feels like eternity.
The last time I was really caught in a 'toss around tumble' was off the coast of Mexico.
It was scary but,
Clark makes it look so serene and peaceful.
 The most magnificent aqua and emerald place in the whole wide world.
How'd he get there?
It's more brilliant than diamonds
more inspiring than a new day
This photo dazzles me like crystals and moonlight on a lake.
It is epic and powerful, and delicate too.
Clark Little, I think I love you.
*first spotted here and then here


It was a tough first match.
Shake it off.
Go get em' Rog.
It's yours to lose.
Bring it on Wimbledon!


Uh, so...
Something strange happened to my computer yesterday.
It took a turn for the terrible
and decided to forget everything.
No memory.
No recollections of our time together.
And we were just getting to know each other too.
Last night I decided to keep turning it on and off and then fanatically punched random buttons as if I was playing the piano to save my life.
Speed and frenzy resulting in bonus points of course.
I wish I could say those fine folks over at Dell knew what they were talking about but,
they sure didn't.
I'm preeeetty confident that the guy on the phone was just having me push a bunch of buttons.
Doesn't he know I already did that last night?
Our conversation took a turn for the rocky when I asked the gentleman on the phone if he was even clear on what the heck he was doing.
(I mean, why would I keep quitting a diagnostics test right in the middle?)
He didn't respond.
And I felt badly but, when he asked me if I was satisfied with our 45+ minute phone call,
I had to tell him, "I'm sorry, but no. And I know this conversation is being recorded, and I hope you don't get into any trouble but no, I am not satisfied with any part of our conversation. Not even a little bit of it."
Happy Moody Tuesday.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Oh Summer,
It's so good to finally see you again!
It's too long-this once a year, four seasons thing.
I missed the feeling of the sun on my back,
the sand between my toes,
the salt stains of the ocean on my cheeks,
and even just the sweet smell of you.
Welcome, Summer.
Here's to lazy, hazy Summer days, friends!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Those Summer Nights (Tell me more, Tell me more)

Quintessential San Francisco was the theme of the weekend friends!
Friday night was reserved for sushi,
and Saturday brought a sing-along.
Yep; that'd be a Grease sing-along!
I joined new friends in Dolores Park, where Summer Saturdays usher in movies in the park.
It was one of those magical moments in a new city.
One in which I couldn't believe my luck to live in a city that offers such a special night.
A wop ba-ba lu-mop, a wop bam boom!  
We set-up our picnic blankets, spread out our assortment of cheeses, bread, and wine too of course!
I even baked my homemade oreos for the occasion.
Um, it wasn't warm.
I'm donning double fleeces. And wore flannel pjs to bed that night.
Sunday was spent scouting puppies in Milpitas!
I can't have a pound puppy in my apartment, but...
I was thisclose to leaving with a bunny and naming him What's Up Doc.
Oh well, next time.
Next up were fresh fish tacos followed by a stop at the ol' winery.
Good food, good wine, great company, and puppies to boot!
It was a very perfect sunny Sunday afternoon.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Dad.
Here's to many more adventures and explorations ahead!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I love an interactive diagram.
The New York Times does too.
During elections they have clickable maps and graphics that make my heart swell.
How clever is this diagram depicting the evolution of the World Cup Game Ball? 
I saw that Black Eiffel was tickled by it too!
Happy score keeping, friends!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You've got mail.

Oh boy it's been quite a busy week!

Many of you encouraged me (and cheered me on) when I enlisted myself in a personal little experiment dubbed, The Blind Date Project, a handful of months ago when I still lived in New York.
Now, I'm embarking on the The Blind Friend Project.
Let me tell you- it's been absolutely lovely but... exhausting!
Everyone has been so friendly and full of giggles, but of course on top of the small talk and pleasantries, I'm wondering in the back of my mind,
'Does he think that I think, that he thinks this is like, a date, date?'
What's a girl to do!
I was pretty beat by Thursday evening.
So, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I got home last night and was greeted by three cards and a package!
Nothing beats pen to paper, sealed with a kiss!
That's why I make an effort to be a modern day pen pal. And when the sentiment is returned, it's just bliss!

A big ol' parcel stamped AIRMAIL was the biggest treat of the bunch. Inside was a book written by an author my best friend and I refer to as a favorite.
It was wrapped up in a cute little tote, accompanied by a card with an illustration depicting the London equivalent of Mister Softee!

Have you ever heard of anything so perfect?
snapped with my new camera thank you very much

And because I found myself in such a festive mood, I made my favorite dinner: lemon arugula white pizza, with a big ol' glass of sauv.
The arugula was farm fresh, and the dough was sold to me straight from the pizza shop across the street!
 Life's pretty swell here, friends!
Cheers to good friends and hand stamped letters.

Why I Otter..

This guy...
Just cause.

Something For the Birds

Oh woooow.
Isn't this the prettiest, pinkest, perfect-est dress you ever laid your eyes on?
It's a 1950's vintage gem.
found at 13bees
And they call it 'Something for the Birds Dress.'
Gaaaah! I love it.
Pouffy and I get along juuuust splendidly.
It's simply divine for picking daises and falling in love.
I'd bat my eyes all over town in this frock.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Furniture for the Fickle (or just not rich people)

I could definitely use these wall decals from BLIK 
Why's that you ask?
Uh, because pretty furniture don't come cheap folks!
Turning 'grown-up' sure doesn't happen over night.
So yes, I fell in l-o-v-e with these clever wall stickers.
You can even choose your color combos:
I guess now would  be a good time tell you that I bought the 'head board' version and a rococo style 'chalk board' mirror decal too.
So yes, I could be saving up for real furniture.
But stick-on is more fun!

Heart Compass

I changed my igoogle settings from New York to San Francisco.
I know.
I know what you're all thinking; big deal Em. It's a homepage. You changed your weather forecast and movie settings.
But see, the thing is, I'm pretty terrible with change.
I fight it like a fish swimming against the current.
Ooof. Sometimes I think I feel things too much. And yes, that makes change, really difficult for me.
Just like you can't teach an old dog new tricks, you can't teach this girl  just to roll with it.
And I know that mentality has sometimes tripped me up in the past.
I could've been more flexible, not taken winter weekends so seriously.
I could've done without some worrying, and just trusted...trusted the universe's plans.
I couldn't have possibly loved more, but I could've turned my back a little less. Unhunched my shoulders and just taken a few more deep breaths.
And, life may have been easier in the short term but... I don' think it would have gotten me to where I wanted to be.
My head? My heart? They'd still be conflicted.
I didn't always repel change; but that's another story for a different time. And, it has nothing to do with boys, or love lost, or love gained. It just was.
It's 63 degrees with a cloudless sky tomorrow in San Francisco.
And the movies? Same showings nationwide.
As for my head, my heart?
Both are loving fiercely.
thinking bolding.
and guiding me toward wonderful new experiences.
Wishing you happy hearts, friends.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vampires and Tacos

Living alone has it perks, for sure.
For instance; I can jump on the bed all I want.
And eat ice cream for dinner!
But there are also some silly moments when you live by yourself.
Take last night for example, and the series of events below.
Wait was that a?
Did I just hear ...couldn't have been a vampire?
I swore I saw a giant salamander dart across my living room floor while I was watching The Bachelorette.
I got all panicky and reached for my shoe.
Turns out it was just the shadow from the trees outside my window.
A bat wouldn't fly in through the weird cupboard/window ventilation system in my bathroom right?
No… right?
I probably need a guard dog.
Then, I heard this screechy alley cat noise while brushing my teeth, so I figured it would be safest to finishing brushing crouched down, in a tuck and roll position, just in case the vampire and its bat buddy flew in through the air shaft.
After that, I checked each closet in the apartment for sleeping homeless people.
 It’s not totally absurd. I have big closets!
Besides, if the homeless squatter in my apartment took charge of vamp patrol, I'd probably let him stay.
Live and let live, right San Francisco?

I'm partaking in Taco Tuesday tonight. Some new friends invited me.
If they play their cards right, I might let them come up and see the coffee table propped on a stack of six phonebooks and my imaginary homeless roommate.
Ain't life glamorous friends?
Funny thing though..
I actually
it is!
Happy Taco Tuesday!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh Hello World (Cup)

I'm a sucker for all encompassing sports; meaning that I like competitive sports with a feel good emphasis. Aaaand by that I mean the emphasis is not on competitive and more on...
Human interest stories!
So, you can imagine I'm all a tizzy for the World Cup.
And halfway through Saturday morning, I was reminded of the absurdity of different time zones.
 My best friend in London fired off Word Cup related texts, "USA, USA, USA!"
Following shortly after, I received an amazing visual from another good friend on the east coast, leading me to believe something favorable happened for the American Team.
And although "Spoiler Alert" in the subject line of their texts and emails would have been appropriate, I must share my gratitude to both friends for making me feel included in their respective celebratory activities.
 I'm not missing a beat here in California!

To Market

I experienced the first weekend of my wild west adventure!
I'm feeling quite grateful that San Francisco has been blessed with unusually warm weather for this time of year. Saturday proudly presented itself without a cloud in the sky.
A robin's egg blue sky that touched down and melted into the blue green of the San Francisco Bay.
Some friends invited me to join them for a stroll through the farmer's market at the Ferry Building. 
I snacked on fresh chicken chalupas (yum!) and took in all the sites and sounds and smells.
Tri-colored bunches of carrots, deep scarlet hued strawberries, and bunches of sweet pea blossoms; oh my!
There were farm fresh eggs, in the palest of pinks
Blocks of artisnal cheeses that stretched on for rows
Jars of thick, auburn and golden honey
and buckets
and buckets
 of fresh, peppery arugula; aaah, my beating heart.
I regret not capturing the morning with my camera,
but here is a stock photo I scrounged up from the website to give you an idea of what it was like.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pet Penguin Please!

I went to cheer on a friend last night after work. She was running a 5k in Golden Gate Park.
There are a lot of Eucalyptus trees there. It smells divine… and a little like Vick’s Vapor Rub.
After the run, we went out for a beer with her friends and family.
Everyone is so darn nice.
Hey, this meeting new people thing is actually quite fun!
I’m anxious to return the kindness by inviting my new friends over for cocktails but, um.
So, about my coffee table...
It’s a good height for maybe an adult chipmunk?
Or a smallish penguin?
If a kitten sat cross legged on the floor, the table would probably be too low to the ground for it to bring saucer to paw.
It’s far too embarrassing to show off to people.
The same level of embarrassment one feels if say, they are the only person in San Francisco who doesn’t have an iPhone. (I’m feeling very Zach Morris.Very 1993.)
This was a good lesson in, 'Emily, read the dimensions before you purchase a final sale item.' Oopsies.
Coffee table donations welcome.
That or, pet penguin please.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swing Among the Stars

Oh wow.
How lovely and romantic and magical is this swing?
This reminds me of balmy summer nights,
spent sipping drinks with umbrellas in them
and eating fruit with sticky fingers
image found here
and feeling the cold sand beneath my toes
after the sun goes down.
This star themed swing reminds me of a night you never want to end.
Of being in love
feeling like you're feet won't ever touch the ground again.
Happy Star Swinging, friends.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome To Your New, Beautiful Life

I came home from work
my first night alone in a new city
I turned the key into the lock(s) 
and stepped with my right foot first,
into my new home
there it was...
my dad.
my wonderful
never ceases to surprise and amaze me
he covered every wall corner with welcome home signs
he left me a piece of emerald green sea glass from the coastline of New England
and scalloped shells from each shoreline of the east
speckled feathers from birds that once flocked together
and three little monkeys who
see no evil
hear no evil
speak no evil.
reminder notes that only a dad who loves his daughter could get away with leaving-
get a whisk broom
 and another waste bin
remember to lock the bathroom windows
tools are in the top drawer.
i know
i am
a very
lucky daughter.
he makes every meaningful moment
 more magical.
the best sign of the bunch?
penned on a broken down cardboard box,
that held my clothes
and special things
so safely
as they journeyed across the plains and over mountains,
past rivers and valleys
and trees big and tall...
 to Your
I couldn't have said it better myself Dad.
Looking at the moon, and thinking of home.
I love you.

Salt Water

The cure for anything is salt water:
sweat, tears or the sea.
-isak dinesen-
image via aubrey road

So Much To Tell You...

you really must forgive me
for my lack of updates.
It's been a very hectic handful of days.
there is so much to tell you,
so many stories to share.
It's all a bit up and down and sideways right now.
Happy to report that the movers came yesterday afternoon.
I have possessions!
And a bed!
And of course, all my treasures and trinkets.
The truth is, I haven't had a moment to write
 but as consolation,
please know that:
image via design sponge
Speak soon dear friends, xox

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forest Wanderings

Yesterday my dad and I took a trip over the Golden Gates of the Pacific Ocean and found ourselves staring up, up, up to the tops of the coastal redwoods in Muir Woods. It was majestic. Those giant beauties shoot straight up into a sky that stretches on forever.

In the winter of 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt used the powers of the Antiquities Act to create Muir Woods National Monument. William Kent  donated the land and requested that it be named for noted conservationist John Muir.
Below is a bit of correspondence Muir exchanged with Kent. I love how he wishes him "Immortal Sequoia life"- very cool.
Feb. 6, 1908

Saving these woods from the axe and saw, from money-changers and water-changers, and giving them to our country and the world is in many ways the most notable service to God and man I've heard of since my forest wanderings began. A much needed lesson and blessing to saint and sinner alike,  and credit and encouragement to God. That so fine divine a thing should have come out of money mad Chicago! Immortal Sequoia life to you.

-John Muir-