Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Furniture for the Fickle (or just not rich people)

I could definitely use these wall decals from BLIK 
Why's that you ask?
Uh, because pretty furniture don't come cheap folks!
Turning 'grown-up' sure doesn't happen over night.
So yes, I fell in l-o-v-e with these clever wall stickers.
You can even choose your color combos:
I guess now would  be a good time tell you that I bought the 'head board' version and a rococo style 'chalk board' mirror decal too.
So yes, I could be saving up for real furniture.
But stick-on is more fun!


  1. I love those decals! It's like meg's apt. too cute.

  2. wow.
    i did not have those options when i painted my "headboard..."