Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh Hello World (Cup)

I'm a sucker for all encompassing sports; meaning that I like competitive sports with a feel good emphasis. Aaaand by that I mean the emphasis is not on competitive and more on...
Human interest stories!
So, you can imagine I'm all a tizzy for the World Cup.
And halfway through Saturday morning, I was reminded of the absurdity of different time zones.
 My best friend in London fired off Word Cup related texts, "USA, USA, USA!"
Following shortly after, I received an amazing visual from another good friend on the east coast, leading me to believe something favorable happened for the American Team.
And although "Spoiler Alert" in the subject line of their texts and emails would have been appropriate, I must share my gratitude to both friends for making me feel included in their respective celebratory activities.
 I'm not missing a beat here in California!

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