Sunday, June 20, 2010

Those Summer Nights (Tell me more, Tell me more)

Quintessential San Francisco was the theme of the weekend friends!
Friday night was reserved for sushi,
and Saturday brought a sing-along.
Yep; that'd be a Grease sing-along!
I joined new friends in Dolores Park, where Summer Saturdays usher in movies in the park.
It was one of those magical moments in a new city.
One in which I couldn't believe my luck to live in a city that offers such a special night.
A wop ba-ba lu-mop, a wop bam boom!  
We set-up our picnic blankets, spread out our assortment of cheeses, bread, and wine too of course!
I even baked my homemade oreos for the occasion.
Um, it wasn't warm.
I'm donning double fleeces. And wore flannel pjs to bed that night.
Sunday was spent scouting puppies in Milpitas!
I can't have a pound puppy in my apartment, but...
I was thisclose to leaving with a bunny and naming him What's Up Doc.
Oh well, next time.
Next up were fresh fish tacos followed by a stop at the ol' winery.
Good food, good wine, great company, and puppies to boot!
It was a very perfect sunny Sunday afternoon.

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