Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vampires and Tacos

Living alone has it perks, for sure.
For instance; I can jump on the bed all I want.
And eat ice cream for dinner!
But there are also some silly moments when you live by yourself.
Take last night for example, and the series of events below.
Wait was that a?
Did I just hear ...couldn't have been a vampire?
I swore I saw a giant salamander dart across my living room floor while I was watching The Bachelorette.
I got all panicky and reached for my shoe.
Turns out it was just the shadow from the trees outside my window.
A bat wouldn't fly in through the weird cupboard/window ventilation system in my bathroom right?
No… right?
I probably need a guard dog.
Then, I heard this screechy alley cat noise while brushing my teeth, so I figured it would be safest to finishing brushing crouched down, in a tuck and roll position, just in case the vampire and its bat buddy flew in through the air shaft.
After that, I checked each closet in the apartment for sleeping homeless people.
 It’s not totally absurd. I have big closets!
Besides, if the homeless squatter in my apartment took charge of vamp patrol, I'd probably let him stay.
Live and let live, right San Francisco?

I'm partaking in Taco Tuesday tonight. Some new friends invited me.
If they play their cards right, I might let them come up and see the coffee table propped on a stack of six phonebooks and my imaginary homeless roommate.
Ain't life glamorous friends?
Funny thing though..
I actually
it is!
Happy Taco Tuesday!

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