Monday, December 13, 2010

Scenes from the Weekend

This weekend proved that indeed, things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
My sister was in Vermont, and she sent me a photo of two reindeer
who look like they're prepping for the upcoming flight with the Big Man in Red.
I also managed to scrounge up the Charlie Browniest
Christmas Tree of them all. It took approximately 4.5 minutes to set up,
and it has but one lonely ornament on it's sweet little branches.
Saturday night I discovered some pretty festive holiday lighting near the Pan Handle.
I was waiting for some friends to head into a party,
and was quite delighted with the sights.
And finally, every time I get a little blue that there will never be a
White Christmas in San Francisco,
I should look at this photo of the sunset we were graced with on Sunday evening.
Mother Nature provided the most magical and merry light show of all.
Happy Monday, friends.

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