Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eat your Greens

I love most leafy greens.
From Boston Bibb and Butter Lettuce, to Mixed Mesclun and Romaine,
my heart is quite smitten.
Even my imaginary pet dog's name is Arugula. 
However, to say I do not care for Kale is, well, being kind.
Swiss Chard, fuggetaboutit.
The bitter stuff is not for moi.
Until I made Kale chips.
Oooh these airy crisp chips are so scrumptious I could eat them by the fistful.
I did actually, this morning.
 And now I fear I will have to buy out the produce section of my gourmet grocer.
They are SO delicious, these healthy little crisps.
Just chop up some kale,
sprinkle with olive oil and salt,
and pop in the over at 300 degrees for about 25 minutes.
I used this recipe as guidance, but really, you cannot mess this up.

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