Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekend Reflections

I've been neglectful of little Big Moon as of late.
The truth is, last weekend was a bit of a wash,
 and I'm just bouncing back.
I was feeling a bit sorry for myself-
 that I wasn't in the place that I wanted to be.
The process leading up to the journey I couldn't make?
It was frustrating. And it caused a slight strain on a friendship so dear to me.
In a funny twist of fate, I ended up coming face to face with someone
I'd never met before, but with whom I have a shared past.
This weekend I was also humbly reminded how having a 'crush,'
earned it's namesake.
The pendulum of a emotions swing back and forth,
and you stomach goes from butterflies to twisted knots.
Some days are, well, crushing...
but ahem, I'm holding out for repair.
Sunday ended with an icky stomachache and a scowl.
Happy to report, this week has me back on track;
exercising mind, body, and spirit.
I'll be back soon, friends.
With shorter pauses in between.

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