Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moody Tuesday

Do you ever have one of those days
when everything seems to be
all jumbled and jambled
and everyone you speak to sounds like
the adult voices in Charlie Brown cartoons?
I mean, for goodness sakes!
I'm just trying to figure some things out for myself.
I'm trying to suppress the urge to act too spontaneously,
when all I really want to go is point a finger on the map,
 and pack a duffel bag of dreams.
And escape every annoyance that Tuesday brought on.
I'm trying to be so patient
- a virtue I struggle with-
waiting to learn the status of so many elements,
both professional and personal.
But... c'mon.
When did everybody get so caught up in their own stuff?
When did we stop asking one another,
'How are you?'
And when did we last pause to really listen to the response?
We can do better than this, friends.
I'll keep the faith.