Thursday, October 20, 2011


It's funny how fast a week can go by,
when it's just you,
and the world,
and a whole lotta declarations to self:
(while staring in the mirror)
"The world is my oyster! Curiosity is my compass!"
My goal during this week off was simple: self-indulge.
And boy, did I ever.
I'm nearly a pauper now... but I don't regret a single spend.
That's the best kind of indulging, don'tcha think?
I spent a day poolside: just me, my book, and the eucalyptus trees.
I met a friend in the'burbs and we got our toes sandy on the beach.
I primped, and I pampered,
and I took myself out for long walks and fresh air.
And, what's a week spent self-reflecting, without a couple of lessons learned?
Don't worry.
There were some of those too.
I got my ego bruised... just a smidge.
But, ya' pick yourself up, dust yourself off,
eat some ice cream and get on with it!
Yep. I got pretty accustomed to my stay-at-home days...
but I learned that a taste of the sweet life
is a whole heck of a lot sweeter when you know
your coin purse will be filled again soon.

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  1. A day by the pool with just a book sounds like heaven! Have a great weekend!