Monday, February 27, 2012

The Raccoon, and a Letter...

Something incredible happened to me tonight.
Two incredible things in fact! 
Small delights that reminded me,
like a tap on the shoulder, or a string tied round my finger,
that the world is a pretty amazing place. 
You see, I've had a lousy couple of weeks.
A real stinker of a 14 day stretch. 
Too much idle time spent wondering, worrying and waiting-
without, as a friend would say, 'the worth it.'
I was walking home from work tonight; it was just past dusk, 
when melon sky of the day has just about settled into it's sleep
and the evening air begins to tickle the skin.
I was lost in my thoughts, shuffling along, when all of a sudden,
a little raccoon sauntered in front of my path!
He stopped at the corner, 
waved a little paw in my direction and then went on his merry way. 
I stood there, stunned and a little dumbfounded.
I'm a big believer in totems, and this one, my friends,
rules the roost! 
My whole family shares a penchant for these masked little critters. 
I called sisters and parents straight way to share the news. 
'It's a sign of new beginnings,' my dad claimed across the country.
With extra pep in my step, I soldiered on home.
And waiting for me in the mailbox was a letter. 
A letter that traveled from the eastern seaboard, to the coastline of California.
It was from an old friend who is embarking on some new beginnings of her own.
She chronicled her changes in a loose cursive script. 
I think she needed some time to get comfortable with these new adjustments, 
to see how they felt.
I clutched the letter to my chest and let the tears slip down my cheeks.
A nudge, in a letter. 
A shoulder tap from a furry friend.
Both of these little surprises were the spoonful of sugar I needed
 to kick my case of the navy blues.
Isn't the universe so special like that?