Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sherbet Sunrises

I had a day that left me wishing-
nope- pining for a getaway.
Tedious projects; impossible deadlines.
Conversations that inspired a lot of wincing,
followed by a lot of eye rolling.
I want to dig my painted toes into the sand
and splash salt water on my cheeks.
I want to dance under a low, heavy hanging pink moon,
 and wake up to a sherbet splashed sunrise.
I want to spend my days collecting shells,
 and smelling like coconut.
I'd like to link hands with handsome man,
and hum along to a steel drum band.
I'd like to eat fruit that I pluck, straight from a tree,
and braid my hair with a hibiscus tucked behind my ear.
I want to go to bed counting the freckles on my nose, 
and the fish in the ocean,
and the stars in the sky. 
Instead, I laid my head in my hands 
and shook my mind back to now.
It was a long day.
 A day that is strung into a series of long weeks.
Here's to sweet dreams 
and sunny shorelines... 


  1. Sigh... First I need to locate a tree that grows money, and then I will happily take you with me! Xo