Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Me

Two years ago today,
I tilted my compass west and set out for San Francisco. 
My dad observed that my last six months have probably been my best.
I don’t know if that’s because I’ve hit my stride or what exactly,
 But I think he might be right.
Regardless of the these past six months, or the past 24 months and counting,
it’s been redwood tree hugging, mountaintop climbing, and pacific ocean gazing ever since. 
 image is my own; Sonoma sunset
There have been countless lessons and blessings along the way,
but the one I’d like to share with you is this:
Fill your days with chance taking and adventuring seeking, 
and I promise you- you'll live a life free of regret, and full of wonder.
Here’s to allowing your heart to guide the way.
Happy weekend, friends.

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