Monday, August 20, 2012

On August...

I’ve always loved August. 
I love the soupy air and the lazy afternoon light that casts a hazy glow on mossy slate patios 
and algae speckled docks.
August is... forgiving. 
It gently lends us the excuse to move a little more slowly,
to linger a little longer after late dinners outdoors. 
August allows for a messy tangle of overgrown plants with droopy, heavy buds.
Whereas June and July bring a flurry of activity, 
August says there is nothing wrong spending an entire afternoon reading in the yard, 
with the summer symphony of buzzing insects and sprinklers in the background.
A friend said she felt August quickened her return to the fall too hastily- but I disagree. 
I think it ushers us into the new season with a calm and seamless ease,
not nearly as abrupt as the turnover into winter.
image is my own
 August is filled with trips to places I’ve been countless times before- but always hope to return again. 
My usual adventure-seeking spirit longs for the familiar by summer’s end.
 I’ll be spending the final dog days of August back on the east coast: 
no work; no worries; minimal scheduled plans.  
 It’s been a continuous string of summer weekends filled with guests, weddings, and weekend road trips- 
all of these preceded by work weeks that felt much, much too chaotic for the summer months. 
I’ve tried to mask the more recent stresses of my job as best I could--my poor parents the sole recipients of painful, anxiety laden daily accounts of the day.
I have faith that the choices I am making will help spark change soon enough. 
Until then, I am looking forward to long days and warm nights 
and falling asleep to the sound of the katydids chirping in the moonlight. 
Wishing you all lazy August days...

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