Sunday, October 21, 2012

On Forever...

It's been a while since I've last posted,
but it's not for lack of trying. 
I think in a funny way, my attempt to tackle 
all the outstanding California adventures on my bucket list, 
has kind of backfired on keeping my emotions balanced and tempered. 
I thought it would make these last couple of months more spirited,
 but the activities just make everything feel more finite.
More of an emphasis on 'last time ever,' than 'best time ever.' 
 Image unknown
My cousin once gave me some encouraging words,
long before the topic of moving back east surfaced,
but it applies to the circumstance.
She told me that nothing is forever
unless you want it to be. 
 The sentiment strikes me as very simple, but very wise. 
 Adopting that mentality makes me feel a little better,
and often over these past few weeks I've been repeating it to myself, a la daily meditation. 
Its... kind of working. 
More soon, friends.