Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Girl and a Wolf

I was lucky to split my time this Thanksgiving between the beach and the mountains.
That’s pretty dreamy, eh?

I was invited to a Thanksgiving feast set outdoors among rolling hills where coyote and bobcats likely roam.  
From my seat at the table I could steal glimpses of the ocean, 
and watch the sun dip away from its waltz with the sky.
The trees were treated to a chorus of our laughter throughout the night. 
For that alone, I give thanks.
With my belly full and my heart even fuller, 
I headed to the mountains where I counted fish in the lake and scouted for eagles in the trees.
I probably could’ve drank a little less, and used my brain a little more… 
but that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for.  
image is my own, Lake Tahoe
All said and done, I'd rather have a collection of stories to share, 
even if it means a little repentance in the morning.
I tuck those stories away in my back pocket for a rainy day.
You see, a few weeks back I was the girl who cried wolf.
And I feel lighter in step because of it: because of this reversal in course… but.
But there are people I care about that I think I might have let down.
And all I can offer you is this:
I will always be guilty of falling in love with places I haven’t been; with people I have yet to meet.
It’s a fickle fortune that I’ve been dealt by the universe.
And all I can hope is that you won’t fault me for it.
Because all things considered, I think it’s a pretty sacred fate.
And after months of confusion, I figure my path doesn’t need to be so clear.
I will let my heart be guided by the sun and the stars and trust that the other pieces will fall into place.
Have a happy week, my friends.

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