Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Secret of Sweet Dreams...

The truest words of summer...
first penned by author Barbara Kingsolver
and since adapted by me. 
Life has been sweet lately indeed.
Filled with barbecues and bikes rides,
weddings and babies,
 workplace accolades and personal milestones - 
the type of milestones reached by pure and honest sticktoitness and discipline.
The sweetness of summer has elicited flexibility, 
the kind that develops solely from a little more life experience, 
a couple more years tucked under our belts...
what a magical thing to finally understand. 
But often, it is the not-so-gentle or subtle reminders that make life so.
It's a toggle. A balance. 
The sweet also comes from the reassuring shoulder squeeze,
the encouraging coaxing, 
and the simple reminder for friends that although we are not invincible,
we love and we support, and in doing so,
we are loved and supported. 
Wishing you all continued and renewed sweetness in the second half of summer.

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