Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Year. In Review.

It will be a quiet close to a relatively quiet year.
Some years are packed with adventures, some are a bit more calm.
2013 was on the calmer side of the spectrum. 
Sure, there are some things I would've done differently. 
The usual things, mostly.
I meant to read more books,
and spend less time in front of the computer.
I didn't ride my bike as much as I daydreamed about, 
or keep as many appointments at the gym that I intended too. 
I continued to throw out dishes that I didn't feel like washing when they piled up. 
Probably should have flossed more regularly also.
The good news is, those are all habits that can be remedied
once I throw them on the ol' resolutions list.
 And for the instances that I had less control over,
the unexpected loss of a job,
the unimaginable compromise of a friend's safety,
the hanging around,waiting too long for someone to realize how amazing I thought they were... 
to realize, how amazing they think I am...
Those situations made my heart ache.
But then,
there were the moments that caused it to swell.
I swam in a lot of rivers,
and I hiked a whole bunch of mountains.
I hugged the biggest redwood tree I ever saw,
counted endless shooting stars as they streaked the night sky.
I got a new job, representing a company that I love.
I danced to some really good music.
I made some new friends, and I tried some new foods.
I saw my first bald eagle circle above me on a crisp fall day.
 I watched my hard work unfold as an entire city and all of it's citizens
came together for the ultimate act of kindness,
in helping a little boy's wish come true.
And so it is.
I'll plot more adventures for 2014,
but I chalk this year up to being 'pretty darn good.'
Happy Christmas.
Happy year end, friends.

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