Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Adventure is Calling

My eyes need a sky full of stars,
my lungs, the deep inhale of sea salt air.
My legs crave the ache of a long day on a dusty trail.
And my skin, the comfort of the desert sun.
Once, I told my little sister that I wished I could go hug a saguaro.
Well, I would tomorrow if I could,
and tell all my secrets to the trees. 
I whispered some wishes to the bay today,
but it didn't quite wash away the nagging need for an adventure.
image unknown
If my grandma had been walking with me,
I am quite certain she'd give my hand a squeeze 
and pose the familiar question, 
'A penny for your thoughts?' 
Oof. So many. 
And so. It's time to plan a trip. 
One for mind, body and spirit. 
Adventure is calling, friends.
And I must go.
Stay tuned.

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