Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Wish, For You.

Tonight at sundown, marked the holiest of holidays in Judaism.
It is a day about saying you are sorry. 
And asking for forgiveness. 
Sorry in itself is such a small word, 
but it has such a big impact. 
Just think about all of the little hurts we carry around;
the weight of them on our hearts when piled up.
Many of these could likely have been eliminated 
if a simple "I'm sorry" had been extended.
I was raised in a loving, liberal home, 
in which my parents shared traditions
from both their religious backgrounds.
Beliefs and rituals weren't pressed on us.
We weren't a church or synagogue family. 
In truth, I identify more closely 
with my exposure to Unitarianism,
but there is something about this day in particular 
that I find really meaningful. 
You don't have to be religious at all
to reflect upon your actions of the past
and to be mindful 
to make everything right in your world -
if only for the day. 
And that goes both ways. 
Today is about looking inward more so than out.
This is a powerful exercise - 
and one that I find very rewarding. 
And so...
As my dad wished to me, 
I wish for all of you:
Happiness, health and love.