Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Final Journey of 2015

In a few short days,
I'll be looking up at a whole new set of stars.
Piecing together constellations in the southern hemisphere,
staring at the sky from a different corner of the world, 
in awe.
A full moon. 
On Christmas. 
I can think of few better ways 
to celebrate the end of the year,
and the beginning of a new one.
I'll be splashing around on the shores of Australia, 
awaiting news from home on the arrival 
of my niece or nephew.
And with that,
It will have been a year
 that feels complete.
There were moments so joyful,
I wanted to call in the trumpeters 
and pound on a snare drum
and dance until the tread on my shoes wore thin! 
And yes, there were times during which 
the noises of day were replaced
with a sterile silence.
Sometimes, that's just the way a day goes. 
And you know. That's okay. 
I learned that in order to welcome in the new:
new love, new friends, 
new growth, new appreciations;
you have to make space by 
emptying out the stuff that doesn't 
fill you up anymore.
After all, what good is a heart that has
 reached maximum capacity, 
if the existing thoughts and feelings 
inhabiting it are stale?
There's just no time for that.
Make the space for a full heart.