Monday, July 26, 2010

Coming and Going

I returned home to San Francisco after a complete whirlwind week back east!
It felt like I had been gone for months.
My east coast visit spanned two weekends, three states, multiple events, and one big power outage.
I danced with my girlfriends.
I shared delicious dinners with my family.
Oh yes, and there was also work to do. Clients to entertain. Editors to impress.
I tried to balance time with friends and family as best I could.
I hope I pulled it off.
My first morning back, as I emerged from the subway,
I gazed up at the New York skyline and let the city know how good it was to be back.
I felt like I was floating through a bathtub of humidity, and
I liked it.
When it came time to wave goodbye to my home,
Mother Nature set the mood.
She really lashed out on us, with hail storms resulting in 2 days of darkness.
I clutched my family, tight, tight, tight.
Oh October feels so far away.
But then, off to the beach!
Toasts, and talks and lots of laughs.
I dove into the icy Atlantic Ocean, and let the salt water seep into my soul.
I let the sun freckle my skin- but don’t worry, I wore SPF 55.
Now that, is a first!
I bumped into friends that I didn’t expect to see…
A nine year long crush (from the freshman dining hall)
A big, loveable meathead from college, whose friendship has increased over time
A sorority sister that I haven’t talked to in years, but her hug was recognizable
I miss seeing familiar faces on the sidewalk.
And then it was time to go home.
I looked out the window from the last row of the airplane, and saw there was a full moon guiding our plane through the night sky.
It was beautiful. Flying in her glow.
I leave you with wise words from my mom:
“When you leave, you don’t leave our love. It goes with you everywhere and anywhere. That’s what coming home is all about, it’s all the things you did.”