Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Story in the Sky

*image via milky way
Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever live in a place where you can see stars.
Connecticut's sky is almost always curtained by a perimeter of strong and beautiful trees.
New York City's skyline is dotted with a whole different set of twinkling lights. A rainbow of man made stars.San Francisco's night sky is blanketed with a soft gauzy fog...making the stars melt into a milky haze.
I've caught glimpses.
Most memorable was a father, daughter, mother trip to Big Sky Country
 for my 25th birthday a few years ago.
My dad gently nudged my mom and I awake in the middle of our sleep.
Rubbing our eyes and bundled up in our fleeces and flannels,
we crept into the night to soak up that big moon sky.
And I swear.
I've never seen so many constellations before.
Orion's belt was studded with ten times as many diamonds as I'd ever witnessed.
 A childhood summer spent on the Cape;
my parents would sit us on their laps, perched on folding chairs out on the deck.
Somehow, staying up past bedtime seemed more special at the beach.
We'd snack on pretzel rods and keep tabs on who spotted the most shooting stars.
And of course, I encountered velvet black sweeps of sky, peppered with star after star after beautiful star in Tuscon, Arizona. Porch swing, and syrupy sweet drinks.
My grandpa's leathery finger pointing our eyes to every ancient story in the sky.
Someday I'll live in a place with wide open spaces
and sweeping sky
dotted with stars.
Happy star gazing, friends.

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