Monday, January 3, 2011

January: The Month of Do-Overs from Last Year.

Resolution Time.
I'm a better baker than I am a cook,
which is puzzling because for some undisclosed reason,
 measuring intimidates the heck out of me
and I'm no good when it comes to precision.
I really love being in the kitchen regardless though, and this year,
at least in the early stages when we're all still brimming with hope and untainted by defeat,
I'm going to try to cook one new recipe every week.
(Fine, every 1-2 weeks.)
I was the lucky recipient of my mom's old Cuisinart this Christmas,
and I boxed that sucker up and sent 'er out west for a second go at purees and soups.
Additionally, I'm going to start reading again.
I'm terribly embarrassed to even admit this, but I only have two books under my belt
since moving to San Francisco.
Let's blame that on being really social and important. Wink.
So, along with the new recipe regime, I' am vowing to read a book every 1-2 weeks as well.
And no, cookbooks won't count- I promise.
Other items of interest that made my New Year's Resolution List:
Getting my stinkin' driver's license.
I can't keep zipping about without a license to drive because er,
one should probably eliminate illegal activities in their life when a new year commences.
Now the more challenging of the bunch,
but also the most meaningful for both mind and body.
I will get back into a regular Bikram routine.
It's so hard to start up again, but once I do I always feeling proud and accomplished.
The first class after a long pause from attendance
makes me so nervous and very self-conscious, but the truth is,
this particular yoga practice is so laser-focused on yourself,
 no one else in the room cares if I lie in Savasana half the time.
Plus, added bonus: I just may end up looking exactly like Christie Turlington.
And yes,
Winter 2011: Emily will put a foot in a ski.
No promises on if I put ski to slope.
Nor will I look like this cute ski bunny from the 1970's...
but I will wear some frosted pink lipstick.
That, my friends, I promise.

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  1. That was a quick compromise on the cooking!
    Good luck. I don't make resolutions anymore.