Thursday, March 22, 2012

To the Water I Go

I am a believer that the following things have powerful healing powers:
The sun, the water, and animals. 
When I need to clear my mind,  I almost always find myself setting out towards the water.
 It is a subconscious reaction when I feel overwhelmed. 
Earlier this week, I set off towards the water.
It was dusk, and a quite hush was rolling into the city off the bay.
Twinkling lights of the night began to pop up along the horizon,
and buoys gently bobbed  themselves to sleep.
I stood on the water's edge, and I looked out past the bridge.
Mindful to steady my breath, slow down my heartbeat, settle my thoughts.
I allowed the sound of the lapping water to calm me down,
and when it felt like enough, I began my journey home.
 image is my own
It was on my walk back, past the boats tucked into the marina for the night,
that I heard a playful splash.
I stopped and I watched and sure enough,
a little baby seal was splish splashing among the docks!
I was mesmerized, and couldn't help but think
the little guy was there and doing this, just for me. 
I stayed and watched the seal for a twenty minutes or so,
until we both seemed to decide that it was time to go.
I headed back up the hills of San Francisco,
calm and happy and
hopeful to wake up to sunshine in the morning.

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