Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Siren Call of Summer

Hello, friends.
It's been too long since I last shared a tale.
You see,  the air has been thick
-heavy almost- 
with the anticipation of the season to come.
And I got carried away with my daydreams and summer time schemes. 
I love this time of year. 
Like a steady, rhythmic drumbeat
signaling the eruption of a rock anthem, 
May's last few days are the siren calling summer.
 Hot off the heels of my last post, 
I've been treating Northern California
as if my time is limited, but my adventures- limitless.
There have already been ferry rides and road races, 
fancy galas and lunar eclipse watching.
image is my own; ferry ride to Tiburon
Summer's itinerary includes hiking Yosemite's Half Dome 
and heading out on long, lazy bikes rides in the hills of Santa Barbara. 
There will be Memorial Day  in the mountains, 
and a star spangled July 4th spent in the those same Sierras.
Summer brings my little sister's first trip to the shining sea,
and a best friend weekend in wine country.
And all the while I'll be zipping back and forth 
over amber waves of grain,
towards the Atlantic and then back to the Pacific
to celebrate weddings, birthdays, and beach days. 
Here's to summer's official launch.
May your days be spent in sun and surf, 
surrounded by good friends and family.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Feet, Planted Firmly

This past Sunday I received a piece of unsolicited advice 
that admittedly,  caught me off-guard at first listen. 
But, things take a little time to sink in, settle, and absorb,
 and I realize it was one of the more valuable observations delivered to me... maybe ever. 
I was invited to a Sunday supper in a beautiful, sun flooded, airy home 
with a backyard and fresh cut flowers on every table.   
My fellow dining companions were all strangers to me, save for the friend who extended the invite. 
The company was lovely, the food delicious and the conversation easy and engaging. 
 It was as we were shifting from drinks and hors d’oeuvres to dinner, 
that I was counseled on the energy I emote.   
Gently, it was expressed that I convey the perception that I have one foot in California, 
and one foot back on east coast soil. 
That I am not fully present here because, well, part of me is there.
I have always been vocal about my emotions and experiences 
moving across the country and being far away from family and familiarity. 
 image is my own
But I suppose recently, and more frequently, I have felt a stronger tug towards the Atlantic. 
What surprised me though, was learning the impressions people developed about me and my mindset, 
when I communicated these feelings.  
 I wasn’t aware of the transparency of my expressions, because I am not sure my mind- or my heart- are caught up with the words tumbling from my mouth.
Hearing this observation was enlightening because, 
although I am candid about my belief that I will go back east at some point, 
I didn’t realize it led people to think I wasn’t fully committed to my life out in California. 
I want to be here. now.  
 I want to be present,  
 with two feet planted firmly to the ground, 
where I am right now. 
I regret that I haven’t been projecting that, but grateful to have been made aware. 
I have been feeling in limbo as of late.   
Unsure of what is to come, frustrated with the things I can’t control, exhausted by the weight of the unknowns.  And while I don’t have power over many of these worries, 
I can manage how I embrace the wonders of every day, 
and every delight- 
no matter where my feet may be.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Sound the morning bugle! 
This month, Wes Anderson brings his devoted fan base
back to the summer of 1965 with his latest film, Moonrise Kingdom.
I can think of no other director than the mad mind of Anderson 
to do justice to color war, flashlight tag and campfire romance.
His exquisite and intricate attention to detail almost overwhelms me. 
Summer love set among a New England sleep away camp
 kinda has Anderson written all over it, no?
Whoever comes with me, 
I'll pen ya' a bus note for your ride home after the movie.