Tuesday, April 1, 2014

With Arms Outstretched

The word itself sounds happy. And bouncy. And light.
Last night, I dreamt that piles of flowers
came pouring from the sky.
Big cheerful petals and blossoms. 
They fell gentle, on my chest. 
With arms outstretched, and up towards the sun:
This is how I welcome April.
(image is my own) 
You taught me lessons I never wanted to learn. 
Although, I am grateful that I did. 
You showed me the value of people. 
Who listened.
Without consequence or judgement. 
Without impatience or skepticism. 
They let words and worries tumble out of me, 
many of which had sour notes.
And they didn't rush to make things sweeter. 
Instead, they let me empty every last thought.
And slowly, 
this anchor I'd been dragging started to rust away. 
It makes me happy. And bouncy. And light. 
Happy Spring. 

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