Thursday, August 21, 2014

To August, With Love

I always write of August. 
Likely because it is my birthday month, 
it is August during which I am most nostalgic and reflective. 
I think of stretches of summer days
spent in Maine with my family, 
and long lazy weekends at the beach with girlfriends. 
I have great memories of swapping stories
and sipping beers with friends, 
late into the humidity of the night back east.
Of sun burnt skin, salt water kayaking and backyard lounging.
A friend recently told me, I often update Big Moon Sky in moments of worry, or apprehension.
And to some extent, this is true.
It is easier for me to process moments of worry through writing, 
and so the blog becomes an outlet for those instances.
But it's all shooting stars and sunshine in this post folks! 
image is my own
This summer has been a real slam dunk. 
A string of weekends up in Tahoe -
barbecuing at the base of the river, 
night skies so bright with stars,
 I have to pinch myself to believe its real. 
Dancing in Golden Gate Park with my little sister, 
with flowers in our hair.and smiles on our faces.
Days with my toes dangling from the edge of a boat, 
cheering on friends and clinking glasses towards the sun.
Sunday cocktails and home cooked meals, enjoyed in the backyard of friends.
Nights filled with music and spontaneity - a new feature in my world. 
And goats. So many goats. 
I am quite content these days. 
A steady sunbeam of happy. 
A constant stream of giggles.
And its the best.