Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn's Pause

I've wanted to share an update for a long time now.
But see,  there were dance floors to shimmy on, 
and giant sequoias to gape at.
There were trails on which to get my shoes dusty
 And too many big moon nights, requiring the attention of my eyes.
There were hawks – darting in and out of the shadows of the trees that begged me to spot them.
There were meals to share, introductions to be made; glasses to clink.
There were old friends, who had to meet new.
There was Manzanita-scented air, inhaled deeply into my lungs.
And shooting stars, tallied from the bottom of Yosemite valley, my parents by my side.
And sure, there were moments where there was nothing at all.
But that’s what I needed.
Just a quiet corner, and the pleasure of visiting with people that didn't require an explanation.
There were scenarios where words were fumbled, and hearts ached.
Where I felt anger rise from my feet and heat up my cheeks.
And then of course, there were instances of the purest joy,
with honey-coated whispered words, so sweet and true.
There were simple moments, really.
But they were mine.
Happy Autumn, until we speak again, friends.