Saturday, August 24, 2013

On Wishes

Next week, I turn another year older. 
Honestly, I blinked and a year went by.
Last year was the absolute tops - I really mean it. 
It was a sun chasing, rocky mounting climbing, perfect ten of a year. 
And so next week, with a whole new number attached to my name,
and a candle to wish upon, 
I wish for the same. 
To continue to feel too much and express too freely.
To take chances and to make choices that aren't fully thought through.
To keep my head high and my heart strong.
To speak openly, even if the truth can be a little scary.
image unknown
To work hard but play a little harder.
To pursue adventure and try new things.
To tell people when I miss them. 
To continue to hope and believe and subscribe to the notion 
that the whole wide world is on our side.
To remember that although there are times we might not get the answers we think we need,
the kind that leave us stumped and scratching our heads, 
there's a reason for that too. 
Things take time. 
Here's to another banner year, friends! 
Thank you, 
for making it so. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

... To Make Everything Okay Again

When I was little and something was troubling me,
I would seek comfort outside.
Our backyard borders a pretty big forest,
and although I wouldn't go far,
I'd walk far enough to feel the coolness of the shade
 and to find a soft cushion of moss upon which to sit.
When I felt that the quiet of the woods had calmed me,
I'd turn around and head back to the house.
Something happened this past week that rattled me, big time. 
It brought on a surge of emotion: panic, angst, confusion, sadness, guilt and regret.
It stirred up some nerves that I didn't even know were there, 
deep down,
 in the core of my core.
And then, as the uncertainty started to uncloud, 
and the unknown began to piece together into the known,
came relief, hope and gratitude. 
A lot of the initial nerves have dissolved,
in part because I know where I am heading.
It's off to the mountains I go.
To get a little distance from the week- in both miles and memory.
To surround myself with good friends and happy thoughts.
To fill my lungs with fresh air
and to let the sun and the stars and the sierras,
make everything okay again.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happiness Happens!

In it's final days, I waved goodbye to July gently, and sweetly.
The last couple of weeks of July had been a mash-up of highs and lows.
It left me with a funny tummy and a brain daze.
So. Goodbye to July, and hello to August!
August, where I begin to settle into renewed consistency
and start a whole new set of  adventures!
August, most especially,
I have always been fond of you. 
And did you know that August 8th is Happiness Happens Day? 
The number eight is regarded as highly lucky - it signifies prosperity and abundance.
So here's to you, Crazy Eights!
May we all be blessed with an abundance of happiness.
That means baby goats and bare feet and ice cream - all day long.
High fives all around: happiness is contagious!